Goal Setting for 20/20 Vision

With the completion of another year’s journey around the sun comes the realization that another journey has begun. We’ll call this year’s journey 20/20 Vision.

So, how well can you see? In which direction are you looking? What is in your field of view? Let me help you with this process.

I’d like for you to imagine your first experience in purchasing a car. You’re walking into the dealership and see many cars to your liking, but your eyes rest upon your favorite. You’ve never seen this car before in your life. You absolutely love it. This is the car you want. You’re excited! You’re smiling and you feel extremely accomplished!

You are now walking back to your ‘old’ car, the one you’ve already started to emotionally detach from. You begin driving home, but something has changed. You now see your ‘new’ car everywhere! But how can this be? Why do you see it now?



We are constantly bombarded with input, images, sounds, and noise. Our bodies are equipped to filter this information and only bring light to those things we need.

Those needs are established by our thoughts. That’s why thinking through and writing down your goals is so important. You’re giving your mind the permission to include more information in your field of view. This sparks your creativity and reveals answers that would have been hidden before.


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